Christmas morning present delivery 2017

This year Christmas morning started in a light drizzle of rain but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of our Father Christmas (Phil Bennett) who was the main man again for the third time, and so with Gerald the reindeer - who has done it for so long he is growing antlers - leading the way, we left the Library car park at 8am, heading for our first present delivery drop at Barrow Hill.

We had 71 parcels to deliver in 37 drops, Father Christmas 2 (Kenneth) had 6 parcels to deliver in 3 drops but he also dispensed Christmas good cheer and a Ho, Ho, Ho to Red Oaks and Upper Mead residents and staff this was much appreciated.

Many thanks to the Christmas Day team for giving up their Christmas morning and giving a lot of children something special to remember.

The Team:

Father Christmas 1 – Phil Bennett, Reindeer – Gerald Cranford

Father Christmas 2 – Kenneth McIntosh, Reindeer – David Harvey

Elves - Andy Warren, Paul Hubner, John Rodriguez

Happy New Year to you all


B P Guild Marquee hire

The BP Guild hire out marquees and party tents between April and the end of September. As a charity we are able to do this VAT free, saving you money. 

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